Packing Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Trip to Thailand


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world for all the right reasons. The country has great beaches, vibrant cities, and rich cultural destinations to explore. You also have a fantastic nightlife and plenty of parties to go to.

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The key to enjoying the best of Thailand is, well, being prepared. Depending on the particular city you visit – and the kind of trip you want to have – you need to pack for the trip correctly. These next several tips and tricks we are about to discuss will help you pack better for your next trip to Thailand.

Do: Start with the Essentials

The best way to start packing for a trip to Thailand is by getting the essentials out of the way. You want to bring your meds, toiletries, and sunscreen in a small container that you can reach easily. You also want to have wet wipes and aftersun cream, especially since Thailand can be very humid and hot.

Continue by adding more essential items to the container. Charging cables for your gadgets and a power bank are handy too. Bring a foldable eye mask and a set of earplugs, so you can enjoy the flight to and from Thailand better.

Don’t: Bring Your Atomizer

Vaping is still illegal in Thailand, so the last thing you want to bring is your vaporizer or atomizer. Best case scenario, you’ll get these items confiscated at the airport. Worst case? You may face up to 10 years in a Thai prison just for bringing the device into the country.

It is a good idea to check other everyday items that aren’t legal in Thailand. Some prescription medications are only allowed into the country if you have a copy of the prescription. To be safe, make sure you check the government’s list of contrabands too.

Do: Pack Plenty of T-shirts

The weather in Thailand is perfect for casual outfits, particularly T-shirts and shorts. You want to wear something that protects the skin and absorbs heat – and sweat – in order to stay comfortable. Unless you are visiting the country during the rainy season, you don’t need extra layers of clothes.

A pair of jeans or khaki shorts are great too, especially if you want to go on long hikes and explore the country’s beautiful sceneries. You have access to great destinations, no matter where you are in the country.

Don’t: Forget Your Documents

Forgetting to pack your travel documents and supporting information is another big NO you need to avoid. You want to have your passport and airline tickets in order and packed securely.

Make sure you also print or write down details about your accommodation in Thailand. When booking a Phuket Airport hotel for your stay in Phuket, for example, make sure you write down details about your reservation or at least save the digital confirmation as a picture on your phone.

Other preparations are just as important, but we are going to save them for another post. In the meantime, follow these packing do’s and don’ts to get ready for an exciting trip to Thailand.